2024 Can-Am Maverick R | Get Yours at Tooele Valley Motorsports, Erda UT
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Newest Can-Am Showstopper: The 2024 Can-Am Maverick R

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2024 Can-Am Maverick R: A powerful side-by-side vehicle

Unparalleled off-roading performance has arrived. Blast through any terrain and never compromise on power, comfort, connectivity or style. Get outside, get dirty and get riding with the most powerful Can-Am SxS. With a 240- HP ROTAX engine, DCT transmission, FOX QS3 easy adjustable shocks and heavy-duty tall knuckle suspension, this baby is sure to thrill.

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THE SHEER POWER OF 240 HP - Turbocharged triple-cylinder engine

The Rotax turbocharged triple-cylinder engine supplies unrivaled horsepower that you’ll feel and hear. With 3 driving modes, including an anti-lag system in Sport+, you can choose the one that fits your needs.

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WE COME THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH - High performance 7-speed dual clutch transmission

Get maximum wheel power, great response and sick performance! With this transmission, gear shift happens in just 0.2 seconds. With no torque interruption at the wheels, you’ve got total stability and control.

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SMOOTH OPERATOR - Heavy-duty tall knuckle suspension

Enjoy industry-leading ground clearance (17"), 77" wide suspension capability and unrivaled suspension travel. Maximized vehicle stability for better load distribution, improved roll center height and steering geometry

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Research & Development

For Can-Am, their obsession with winning motivates every product they develop - and the Can-Am Maverick R is no exception! This new side-by-side is the result of a half century of wild rides, bold innovations and a dedication to excellence. Behind a tireless and teamwide collective effort on every feature, they managed to push innovation and design to new heights. The overall look of the Maverick R is a clear nod to the sudden precision of a cobre, while the cockpit and knuckle in the A-arms give this new vehicle even more caracter and personality. It's their most refined ride ever and it's ready to put a wide grin on your face.

New 10.25" touchscreen display and BRP GO! app
Experience enhanced connectivity on a huge 10.25" touchscreen display that puts all the controls at your fingertips. Plus, BRP GO! lets you view all its navigation features and your smartphone apps directly on the screen.
Available on selected packages, Smart-Shox, now with FOX Gen 3 Live Valve semi-active suspension technology, adjusts to the harshest terrain to provide better traction and stability for the smoothest ride ever.
Where design and technology meet
Next-generation comfort and performance is here! The state-of-the-art design features a driver-centric cockpit, seamless access to controls, efficient storage integration, new smart accessories, and more.
Top-notch navigation and connectivity The high-performance display, navigation app and infotainment system deliver an experience like no other—all at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Stay connected and go further.
Audio kits with JL audio Amplifying the maverick experience with JL audio
Ultimate sound quality on the go with fully sealed and waterproof components
LinQ cargo solution Easy-on, easy-off accessories that help you pack more on every adventures

Can-Am Smart Accessories

BRP Smart Accessories

Intelligence meets accessories
Maximize your riding experience with live ECU information from your vehicle. Upgrade that respond in real time to what your vehicle is doing

Can-Am SMART accessories are an industry first! Driven by the Can-Am ACM (Accessory Contrul module), the SMART accessories react to sensors in the vehicle. For exemple, lights change from Flood to Spot when you speed, and follow a curve's direction based on steering input.